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brutal-io is car-based io online game from creator of your car and put your flail against other players!Grab energy from different sources to develop your flail, come to be quantity no. 1 and take over the arena in this abstract globe where you could actually swallowed by a black hole.How to relax and play Brutal.ioEasy to relax and play, challenging master. Click to release your flail and then click once again to get it back. Green sentinels will steal power from you in the event that you get too gameplay utilizes pure 2D physics and as time passes playing, you may feel in control of your vehicle plus flail. You certainly will begin establishing your own personal smart strategies to catch your enemies, whether its by crushing all of them against a wall, awaiting all of them at the entry of the main room or by surprising all of them in the middle between your automobile plus flail.Join this clever 2D physics game and play in real-time, with hundreds of thousands worldwide.

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